Support Packages

Clovertec offers several flavours of support package because no two clients or their needs are the same. We make our support offering as flexible to you as possible to ensure that we don’t supply a “locked in” service contract with support elements that are not applicable.

We can support organisations with no internal IT knowledge at all. We can manage the entire network and maintain your system’s stability using a combination of our experienced Helpdesk staff backed up by engineers on site, when required. The Helpdesk is always manned during business hours and our highly trained and qualified staff can troubleshoot issues fast and effectively.

We also provide third line and server management services only. This would be most suitable to companies with an in-house IT manager who either needs some help or cover for holidays/illness. With our Third line and Server support package we will work with your IT manager to produce a more reliable and well rounded service. By offering them ideas to help keep your business competitive we ensure our wealth of knowledge is shared to benefit your business.

Each call carries a guaranteed Service Level Agreement (SLA) response time with our average call response times measured in minutes not hours. All calls are categorised by level of complexity and impact on your business. For example, a site that is suffering widespread disruption, including a server down, carries a maximum response time of 2 hours. However, we will always aim to respond much faster, often in minutes. Similarly, critical functions (such as payroll or defined as crucial by you) can be escalated by an authorised person (predefined) to 4 hours maximum. These are SLA times; 90% of our calls are responded to in less than 1 hour.

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Support Packages

Whatever your needs we can provide a contract to suit you. Contact us today to organise a free, no obligation audit and let us show you how things can improve!