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Phone Systems

We can provide businesses with telecommunications solutions for 2 to 500 users on a single site and up to 1000 in a multi-site environment.

Our range of telecommunications equipment is provided by Avaya, the world’s leading manufacturer, backed up by a range of hosted telephony options using Cisco equipment. We can accommodate all transmission technologies including analogue, digital, VoIP, SIP and Hosted solutions. Our offering includes:

  • Desktop handsets – including IP Phones, IP Softphones, DECT, IPDECT, WiFi, and other analogue and digital devices
  • Specialist devices for boardroom conferencing
  • Devices and support to help the hard of hearing
  • Voicemail packages – from a simple answering machine to the latest in multi-level auto attendants, email notification and remote management, wherever you are in the world
  • Call Logging systems  to enable you to manage call costs and traffic.
  • Call Recording – from a single localised handset recorder to a system wide encryption recorder for use in legal submissions
  • Music on Hold – royalty free music or personalised company information messaging

Lines and Calls

There is much debate and misinformation surrounding the future of telephone lines and calls. BT are making a big splash about their new 21st Century Network, and other organisations such as Skype are also prominent in the press.

We understand our industry and how these offers fit with traditional services. We also understand the commercial implications and restrictions of all the services, and are therefore ideally placed to make informed recommendations for our clients.

  • Analogue Lines – widely used in the UK either for basic telephony or as a base for ADSL delivery
  • ISDN2 – digital delivery of voice bringing additional features such as DDI (Direct Dialling In), CLI (Caller Line Identification) as well as crystal clear speech
  • ISDN30 – the next generation of ISDN2, allowing up to 30 lines on a single fibre connection
  • SIP – The very latest trend in communications, using the internet to create virtual lines for free voice calls between SIP users

Why not take advantage of call charges at 70% less than BT standard rates and line rentals at least 10% less than BT? Some call charge tariffs may even be free so why not combine our excellent on-line telephone bills and stats and let us provide you with a service that is second to none?

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Telecoms Solutions