Email Anti-Spam (CTAS)

Clovertec offers a comprehensive AntiSpam service that filters your email on our own servers. Our servers are located in a secure, UK based datacentre and scan emails for spam and viruses. The result is more space in your mailbox!

Spam is determined on route and is moved to a web based summary digest that is extremely user friendly. Users can log into the digest and manage their own service to release the emails that they require or black-list certain addresses. If a legitimate sender gets blocked they can be released by adding them to a white-list as a one-off exercise. The benefits to this approach include:

  • The service acts as an offsite back-up for all incoming and outgoing emails
  • All outgoing messages can be stamped with one consistent company disclaimer for further protection


Anti-Virus software scans files on your computer for certain patterns that may indicate an infection. Once the software is installed the vendor will release signatures that are automatically downloaded. These signatures include new virus definitions and keep the checks up to date.

Managing each piece of software can be quite time intensive if you were to visit each machine. For this reason Clovertec uses a centrally managed console that can change setting on all the machines it covers. This software also records any infections into one place and then reports back to our systems.

Hardware Firewall

Would you let someone walk into your premises and help themselves to files in your filing cabinet? An office with electronically stored files is no different so why would you want to lose the security of your data? We use the most comprehensive hardware firewalls because we like our clients to be as secure as us. Unified Threat Management (UTM) protection combines several features to ensure your data is kept safe.

Data is protected by a hardware firewall using:

  • Application Traffic Analytics
  • Deep Packet Inspection
  • Gateway Anti-Virus & Anti-Spam
  • Intrusion Prevention Service
  • Advanced Access Rules
  • Secure Remote Access

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In addition to these fantastic security features we can also provide secure wireless access and website content filtering. With the content filtering we can block certain websites or a category of websites like Social Networking. Social Networking is a commonly requested category to be blocked unless it forms part of a company’s marketing strategy. Where in place we have had reports of noticeable staff productivity increases resulting in greater company profits.

This hardware can be part of the Managed Internet Service or purchased separately. We can provide it alongside an internet connection giving an integrated solution.