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What is the Print Plan?

The Print Plan is a managed print solution which can deliver massive savings and alleviate the burdens of printer problems and toner sourcing you might face. The Print Plan is suitable to clients of all sizes and sectors of business, irrespective of your current print volume. We can provide any machine type whether it is a colour multifunction printer, a black and white desktop or photocopier. An audit and business assessment will determine what the best solution for you is. We specialise in desktop printers because, historically, desktop printers are purchased outright and customers often suffer big bills on a monthly basis due to toner prices sourced at too high a cost to the business.

We launched the Print Plan back in 2009, and have had fantastic results since then. The key to the Print Plan is identifying the print volumes per client. Once this has been established we create a tailored plan focusing on the machines required and the business needs in terms of printing and productivity. Each Print Plan is completely flexible as print volumes can be altered and additional machines can be added at any time.

What is included?

  • A new printer fleet
  • All toners for the duration of the plan
  • All consumable items including maintenance kits
  • On site service and engineer support
  • 4 Hours response time
  • Faulty printer exchange

How much does it cost?

98% of customers pay less than the historical spend on toner alone!

Each customer is different; your plan is tailored to you. A free print audit and meeting will identify the cost for you. The team at Clovertec knows that each business and client is unique, that is why we really believe in getting to know our customers. Building strong relationships with our customers is just as important as getting to know your businesses printing needs.

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Print Solutions