IT Installations


To have cheap and low quality equipment running the hub of your organisation is a risk most companies don’t fully understand until the consequences become apparent after a server failure. Clovertec prides itself on supplying only the best equipment for its customers. This applies to everything from the smallest component and appliance (such as routers) right through to business critical hardware (such as servers).

Clovertec chooses to work with Hewlett Packard and Dell servers. The reason? Endurance of the equipment and the fantastic after sales service offered by the manufacturers. Supplying a low quality server would make our job to support you harder and your experience of IT support poor. Our high quality servers, at very competitive prices, marry up with our excellent support services to give you more time to drive your business forward.

Our relationships with these leading vendors mean that we are able to offer huge discounts on a wide range of products, offering you more flexible solutions to meet your needs. With a huge choice of rack and tower servers, we’ll help find you the right server for your business and produce a detailed plan of action encapsulating all elements of delivery of the hardware into your infrastructure. Our helpful and competent installation staff will walk you through this process at every stage.

PCs / Thin Clients / Laptops

We supply a variety of machines for business use. We always recommend taking out an extended warranty up to 3 years on site – next business day (NBD). This helps to ensure you get  best value from the device for the money you are spending. Contact us for our latest prices and deals.

Network Design

Organisations with many network devices usually require structure to their network design. This is vital when spanning multiple floors or housing an array of servers. We design your network to ensure it gives maximum throughput for critical devices and servers.

If you think you have bottlenecks in your network infrastructure or slow running machines you may need our help. Why not take advantage of our free IT audit and let us put forward some suggestions.

Structured Cabling

Structured cabling is a complete system of cables and associated hardware, which forms the infrastructure to connect network devices together – this is how data and voice services are sent between these devices. A structured cabling system is more robust than wireless technologies. Wireless technologies can be used to complement a high quality cabling system and provide additional flexibility.

Clovertec can provide a full range of copper or fibre cabling varying in different speeds. Whether you need to add or move any existing points, or you require a new office blanketing with points, we can help you. We can project manage everything from the design right through to implementation, leaving you with peace of mind to concentrate on the running of your business.

Before wires


After wires









When taking over support for many businesses we often see very poorly installed networks. These are not just messy but also difficult to access or locate issues should they arise. As an example, this before and after image of one of our clients COM’s room shows how we improved the network for them.

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Networking installation by Clovertec.