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Managed Internet – MICF

Unreliable and insecure internet connections result in lost productivity and revenue. When things go wrong, dealing with Internet Service Providers and their call centres can leave you wasting hours on hold only to receive some technical jargon that makes no sense. You could avoid all this by using Clovertec’s Managed Internet service.

As specialists in the field of connectivity and security, we can provide the highest levels of quality through hardware stability and unrivalled internet services. This extensively tested service includes the items below within a simple monthly charge and no large capital outlay.

  • Monthly internet rental for whichever service selected
  • Connection fees
  • Internet router
  • Comprehensive Hardware firewall
  • Clovertec installation charges
  • Absolutely no capital outlay for large hardware purchases

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Internet Only

We can offer a variety of different connectivity options to suit your business requirements. Getting the correct connection is vital to staff productivity so our free on site IT survey can help identify what is right for you.

The most common solutions we provide are below but please get in touch with us for more information.

  • Broadband (ADSL)
    Is supplied via an analogue BT line (PSTN). It can be prone to slow speeds and stability issues. Clovertec can provide a business ADSL service which is optimised around business needs.
  • Bonded Broadband (ADSL)
    Is an excellent service for customers in regions with poor internet availability or require a higher available internet service. Bonding takes several ADSL lines and combines their throughput. Benefits of this can include; up to 4 times faster than ADSL and failover.
  • Fibre Broadband (FTTC)
    Often referred to as Infinity or Fibre to the Cabinet is the new and upcoming replacement for the older and slower ADSL service. Currently only available to 28% of the UK as of October 2012. BT is upgrading the network from copper to fibre (to the green street cabinets you will commonly see on the roadside). Fibre is generally 10 times faster than ADSL and more stable.
  • Ethernet First Mile (EFM)
    Is a form of combining both Ethernet and ADSL network technologies. EFM provides a stable network connection over the older copper network .At a reduced cost of leased lines it provides a similar stability. Still running over ADSL circuits it does not come with the SLA’s that can be found with Leased Lines.
  • Leased Line
    Connect two locations for private voice and/or data telecommunication service. Not a dedicated cable, a leased line is actually a reserved circuit between two points. Leased lines can span short or long distances, this does not affect the guaranteed but flexible connection speeds Leased lines carry strong SLA’s and fast fix times making them the obvious choice for organisations who cannot afford even short amounts of downtime at the additional cost of the service.

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