Morley Glass – Clovertec Becomes Their Trusted Technology Partner (Case Study)

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IT can make or break a business.

If your systems fail, internet crashes, or hardware breaks, it’s not merely an inconvenience: your business could grind to a halt. Downtime costs you dearly, so putting your trust in expert IT support is undoubtedly value for money.

For Ian Short at Morley Glass – one of the UK’s largest specialist manufacturers of integral blinds and glazing units – moving to a larger managed IT support company was crucial as they expanded into new premises.    

Clovertec stepped up to deliver a service that went above and beyond with comprehensive managed IT supportmanagement, and consultancy.  

The Challenge 

With twenty workstations and Wi-Fi operated machinery, smooth-running IT solutions were fundamental to keep business booming for Morley Glass.    

For over ten years, Ian had loyally relied on a oneman IT support service to build their systems and provide reactive solutions. By 2016, however, it was clear that business had long since outgrown his capabilities, often waiting on support for days at a time.    

As a larger company, Clovertec’s challenge was to extend their IT services – while still maintaining that personal touch.  

The Objective

With a big move looming for Morley Glass, Clovertec needed to make sure that full IT coverage was in place in the new premises. They set out to:    

  • Confirm all networking installation met Morley Glass’ needs for maximum up-time  
  • Enhance response times for reactive solutions  
  • Increase preventative maintenance measures to create long-term savings  
Managed IT Support

The Solution

The team at Clovertec focussed on Ian’s pain points to put tailored and expert solutions in place. That way, they could deliver the highest standards of customer service by understanding Morley Glass’ IT needs inside out.     

This involved:

Audit of Strengths and Weaknesses 

After over ten years, it felt like a risk for Morley Glass to move away from a support service that knew their business so well. However, Clovertec’s people always go above and beyond to understand your business’ needs. With a full audit, their fresh eyes and decades of experience can identify where your IT systems can be bolstered for better results.      

Key Recommendations for Initial Issues

For Morley Glass, their upcoming move was a primary concern for Clovertec. With the audit complete, they could recommend short-term solutions to ensure maximum up-time and a smooth transition of system operations. Larger scale solutions, such as cost-effective virtualisationwould then come at a later stage.      

Support and IT Management Package

Clovertec close more than half of support tickets the day they’re logged, with a team of specialist middleweight and senior engineers. An expert managed IT support package with a dedicated point of contact would effectively give Morley Glass the in-depth understanding of an external IT Manager with the capacity of a full agency network to get issues fixed fast.      


For Ian, you can’t put a price on Clovertec’s service.” That’s because during Morley Glass’ big move, Clovertec proved their worth:    

  • Their dedicated project management meant that Ian wasn’t caught in the middle. With bespoke software in place, Clovertec developed relationships with the providers and in-house technicians to organise the correct network cabling for the new premises. In fact, Clovertec became the point of contact for the electrician, leaving Ian and his team to focus on the move.    
  • Let down by their broadband providers, Morley Glass discovered they could be without internet for three weeks once moved in. They were set to lose over £630,000 of business, with 70% of new enquiries received through email and their virtualised fax system. Clovertec stepped in, working tirelessly over a weekend to make sure an emergency solution was in place. By Monday morning, business was as usual.    
  • Clovertec have been on hand ever since. The team are reactive around the clock with a Service Desk manned by specialists. Ian was set to travel to Italy when his laptop lost internet connection. Needing access to email, he contacted the Service Desk last minute who then had it back up and running within the hour.     

The Results

Morley Glass have put their full trust in Clovertec to deliver comprehensive IT solutions. From reactive support to preventative maintenance and long-term IT management, their partnership means that Clovertec can tailor their service to ensure Ian and his team’s needs are fully met.    

Are you looking for similar success?

Clovertec’s managed IT support provides companies with the means to excel in their day-to-day business99% of our customers are very satisfied with the services we have provided them, and, as a result of our knowledge and dedication, we recently obtained Microsoft Silver Partner status!  

If you are looking for an IT support provider that will bring you similar success to Morely Glass, do not hesitate to contact us today and we’ll book you in for a free consultation! 

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