The Business Benefits of Microsoft Azure

As business challenges increase, Microsoft Azure offers some transformative benefits! Learn more about this and how Clovertec’s Microsoft Azure support can see you smoothly on the road to success in this blog.

All businesses are faced with many challenges, from the trivial day-to-day niggles to the critical business impacting problems.

We’ve all experienced roadblocks and setbacks that get in the way of delivering value to our customers and profit for the business. Small and medium businesses often must deal with other challenges, such as growing the business with fewer in-house resources.

Trying to focus on the core business and customers, whilst being held back by those urgent – but not necessarily important – tasks eat up time.

Releasing your core team to focus on continuous business improvement is the right this to do and outsourcing core functions like IT should be a priority.

Read on to find out more about how the cloud – or, more specifically, Microsoft Azure (and Microsoft Azure support from Clovertec) can help you to overcome these hurdles and more…

Why the Cloud?

Since the start of the pandemic, many SMBs have found it difficult to service their customers properly because of challenge of accessing the data they need. They have also found it time-consuming and frustrating when trying to communicate with their colleagues.

One main reason for this is the old, aging infrastructure in their offices. This infrastructure is often slow, or needs layers of VPN or remote desktop software to enable remote connections. More importantly, however, it may not have the most up to date security updates in place.

Is the answer simply to replace or upgrade the on-premise infrastructure? That could certainly be an option, and Clovertec would be able to help with that. But wouldn’t this be the perfect time to move to the cloud?

Imagine never having to spend large amounts of capital to buy new hardware. Imagine never having to think about expanding the IT systems to increase storage capacity or compute power for new applications.

Imagine being able to reclaim the space back that your data centre/equipment rack took up in the office! Not to mention the reduction in power and cooling expenses…

The journey to the cloud

Without going in to too much detail, the process to move from on-premises to cloud is relatively straightforward, and well documented.

The first step is to envision what your cloud environment needs to look like on day one. The key here is not to replicate what you have currently; if you have a server with 1TB of storage capacity but only use 500GB, why would you pay for 1TB?

If you have multiple virtual machines and they are used for things like active directory and SQL server, why not use Azure services instead of recreating the VMs in the cloud?

…and so on.

The envisioning process is a consultative based discussion with the business to create a target cloud environment. Once established, an audit of the current set up is documented and then decision taken based on key criteria.

For example, are there legacy applications that need to remain on the office server until they can be replaced? Are there applications that are no used anymore that can be retired?

A roadmap for migration is produced and plans are made with the customer’s timescales, priorities, and dependencies in mind.

Microsoft Azure benefits

If you are one of the many organisations that already use Microsoft Office 365 subscriptions, then you are already using Azure! Your virtual machines, applications and databases moving to Azure should be seen as a natural progression to compliment your existing services.

According to one Microsoft survey, 82% of SMBs who moved to Azure reduced their IT running costs by an average of 20%. Of those, 70% decided to reinvest those saving back into the business!

Saving on costs is just one of the major benefits – so what about how Azure enables businesses in other ways?

As we discussed in the opening section, more and more companies are adapting to new working regimes as increased levels of home and remote working becomes the norm.

The reality delivered by Azure is that any employee can access the information they need, using whatever device they prefer at any time of day, with the assurance of maximum security and performance. Who wouldn’t want that?

So, what’s it to be? Growth-limiting, insecure on-site infrastructure with a risk of failure… or a consumption based, solid, flexible and secure platform for the future?

Here’s how Clovertec can help with Microsoft Azure support

At Clovertec, we provide unparalleled Microsoft Azure support to our customers, thoroughly assessing their current IT environment and establishing their business challenges and goals, in order to provide a robust a solution that will deliver positive business outcomes well into the future!

If you’d like to learn more about this service or any of our other cloud solutions, do not hesitate to get in touch. Alternatively, you can book your free IT audit with our team below…

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