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How an IT Managed Service Provider Can Help Fill Gaps in Your Team

Mind the gap! There’s always a gap (and I’m not talking about the Underground station at Bank… [insert your favourite here])! It doesn’t matter if …

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managed IT service providers

How to reduce risk when switching Managed IT Service Providers

To Change or not to Change? That is the questionMost business decisions carry a degree of risk. Whether it’s an investment, an acquisition, hiring new …

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adoption and change management

The importance of Adoption and Change Management

Where would we be without change?Some people thrive on it whilst others cannot bear the thought of it. Before I started writing this blog, I …

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Cloud service providers

Cloud computing for SMBs – why is now the right time to move to the Cloud?

I used to work with a colleague who often wore a T-shirt that said “There is no cloud, just someone else’s data centre.” Whether you think that’s …

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IT service provider

Working from home – the new normal

I don’t think anyone would argue that the current situation has thrown us a huge curveball.Not only to how we live, work and play, even …

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Microsoft Team Webinar

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business it support

Business As Usual? How to Manage IT Challenges in a Post-Coronavirus World

In mid-March, our nation suffered an unexpected and catastrophic situation that has had a profound impact on our daily lives, and left us feeling uncertain …

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how to send a secure email

End Users – The Last Line of Defence

My first experience with email was in 1987 whilst working for a major UK bank.I was part of a team implementing an ‘office automation’ suite …

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Major Recruitment

Case Study: Major Recruitment

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