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How to maximise your revenue using managed IT services

In most organisations, IT departments are stretched thin. This is where managed IT services can ease the burden, supporting your staff and IT infrastructure. Most …

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Want to move over to Office 365 without a hitch? Here’s how…

In today’s increasingly remote world of work, Office 365 offers many benefits to businesses. Your organisation can store its files in the cloud and get …

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best cloud security tools

7 tips to improve your cloud security

In 2020, it was estimated that 88% of UK businesses were actively using cloud services. Just to emphasise how astounding that figure is, this was …

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It support uk

Six simple ways technology can make your business more profitable

It goes without saying that the use of technology in business has boomed over the last few years. From IT support in the UK to …

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Meet our new Managing Director!

After founding the business 12 years ago, Clovertec’s current Managing Director Charlie Buckley has decided to focus on more consultative led activities within the business – and …

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Microsoft Teams and Office 365 support

The 5 Transformative Benefits of Microsoft Teams for Businesses

According to recent research, 60% of adults in the UK are currently working remotely due to the coronavirus pandemic. With the government’s instruction for people …

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How IT Support from a Managed Service Provider Will Boost Your SME’s IT Security

IT security is an evolving beast, and with it the methods to protect against attacks are ever changing. Having worked in IT support as the …

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How to build a Modern Workplace with Office 365

Challenges and Opportunities I’ve been in IT a very long time (without giving away my age, the IBM PC was still in development…!), and I …

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The Business Benefits of Microsoft Azure

Challenges and Opportunities All businesses are faced with many challenges, from the trivial day-to-day niggles to the critical business impacting problems. We’ve all experienced roadblocks …

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