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If you’re looking for IT Support in Leeds, then Clovertec is the company to call.

We are confident that the unrivalled expertise and dedication we have earned over the years can make all our client’s goals achievable – and yours!

Here at Clovertec, we are credited as having one of the best Service Level Agreement (SLA) responses for our work throughout Britain.

We pride ourselves on being regarded as an IT support company who can always provide consistently high levels of service that won’t let you down through use of the latest software and hardware that is most suited to your needs.

Experience tells us that system stability directly impacts both efficiency and profitability in business, and this has led to us looking after the IT needs of over 80 companies. As one of the leading IT Support companies in Leeds, we are able to work both locally and throughout the UK.

We have a client base of more than 2,000 users in over 160 offices nationwide. Our reputation is built on trust with the growth of our company being a product of high standards of service in everything we do.

We understand that time is money. We therefore focus on solutions that will help you achieve your goals in the ever-evolving technological environment of the modern world.


Clovertec specialises in a number of cutting edge IT solutions, including:

IT Support

Our support team provide only the very best IT services, addressing your challenges with the utmost care and precision.

IT Disaster Recovery

We know that system stability directly impacts both efficiency and profitability in business, which is why so many companies benefit from this solution.

Support Services
We support customers who have their own IT internal support with a higher level of expertise, including ownership and escalation to the relevant technology vendors.

Cloud Solutions
Our flexible approach means that we can provide our customers with a range of cloud solutions, whether this be Private, Public or Hybrid.

Security Solutions
This service aims to address the integrity of your business’s data, the mitigation of risk and the prevention of malicious attacks to ensure a highly secure IT environment.

Business Continuity
Our back-up and disaster recovery as a service model offers an automated, secure and reliable cloud-based solution for businesses across the UK.

These services mean that our clients are able to maximise their business potential with optimum connectivity solutions. We strive to be market leaders when it comes to our support services by paying attention to detail and adapting to clients demands.

Want to find out more about our IT Support in Leeds?

Whatever sector you work in and wherever you are in the UK, our team would be delighted to discuss your requirements and carry out a bespoke free audit of your current IT systems to see how we can support you.

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