How IT Support from a Managed Service Provider Will Boost Your SME’s IT Security

IT security is an evolving beast, and with it the methods to protect against attacks are ever changing.

Having worked in IT support as the founder of a managed service provider (Clovertec) for many years, I could talk for hours about this evolution; from basic Anti-Virus and edge Firewall techniques and how this has evolved through to CEO fraud detection, User Awareness Training and MDR/EDR (Managed Detection & Response/Endpoint Detection and Response).

In the SME space, however, it all gets a bit technical.

An easy-to-understand comparison that is usually quite relatable is comparing IT security to home security. In your home people will put locks on doors, perhaps security catches on windows, use an intruder alarm and (more recently) a Faraday box to put your car keys in at night.

All these measures layered upon one another build up a good foundation of defence or protection, and are the correct things to do. However, if an intruder really wants to gain access to your house they usually will; I typically view the tactics mentioned above as a deterrent to hopefully move the intruder on.

It’s quite a similar approach in IT security.

Realistically, the layered approach of different technologies really acts as a deterrent. What is frustrating for me – and I see this all too often – is the reluctance to invest in IT security until a breach happens.

It is a regular occurrence in that a solution (once proposed and discounted) is brought back to the table following an incident, as opposed to taking a proactive approach. In these cases, the gamble of “it won’t happen to me, I am too small or no one would want my data” hasn’t paid off.

Not only can the breach cost physical cash, but it this has a domino effect on costs at the bottom line, in terms of senior people’s investment of time trying to understand and work with an IT support managed service provider to figure out the actual implications and any tidy up work.

According to the Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2019, 42% of small businesses identified at least one breach or attack in the preceding 12 months. These can amount to business disruption, data loss, intellectual property loss and reputational damage.

More specifically, the IBM found that the costs associated with insider threat-related incidents on small businesses cost a staggering $7.68 million on average.

In a worst-case scenario, 60% of small businesses that fall victim to cyber-attacks go out of business within just six months.

It’s therefore safe to say that, as an SME, investing in IT support from a managed service provider is a wise choice to make!

Here’s how IT support from a managed service provider will boost your SME’s IT security:

1) They’ll be able to support you quickly – whether remotely or in person

For example, at Clovertec, we offer unlimited remote and on-site support depending on your needs, and work to fix any problems not only quickly, but in a way that means issues are not likely to arise again in the future.

2) They’ll supply only the highest quality solutions

Our solutions at Clovertec, as an example, are highly scalable and fully secure. Our solutions are also exceptionally cost-effective, which is a real bonus!

3) They can offer additional training opportunities where required

At Clovertec, we’ve partnered with KnowBe4, offering our clients a platform with which to better manage the urgent IT security problems of social engineering, spear phishing and ransomware attacks. We also offer a Cyber Essentials Certification, User Awareness Training and more.

Safe to say our team are trained up in these too – and even though Clovertec is now a Microsoft Silver Partner, our employees’ training and professional development just keeps on coming!

Looking to up your SME’s IT security?

As mentioned above, it’s imperative that you have effective security measures in place to ensure you don’t suffer the financial and reputational damage that a cyber-attack can incur.

As an IT support managed service provider, we know that every business is unique; so, should you be looking for a cost-effective and powerful security solution for your enterprise, be sure to get in touch with us today – we’d be delighted to work with you!

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