Case Study: How Clovertec provided Pyramid8 with an innovative cloud-based backup and recovery solution


Discover how Clovertec provided Pyramid8, a UK-based recruitment consultancy, with a dramatically faster and reliable backup and recovery solution, and subsequently ensured a speedy recovery when their office building collapsed.


Pyramid8 is a UK-based recruitment consultancy that specialises in providing local recruitment service for permanent and temporary staffing requirements in Yorkshire and surrounding areas.  

The firm also provides project managers, programme managers, business analysts, and project office staff on a permanent and contract basis to both the public and private sectors in the United Kingdom.  

Located in West Yorkshire in the city of Leeds, the firm has 7 employees. Though a small firm, Pyramid8 is extremely data-dependent, providing talent to organizations of all sizes, including the National Health Service (NHS). 

The Requirement 

As the firm continued to add clients and applicants, the amount of data backed up through its onsite, tape-based system expanded as well.  

As headaches involved in managing this data influx rose, it became clear that manual tape backup – with no offsite solution and no plan for data recovery – was becoming too risky, inefficient, and cost-prohibitive.  

These factors led Pyramid8 to seek a more reliable and economical backup and recovery system – one that the firm could call upon for speedy data restoration in the face of a major disaster. 

Reaching out to Clovertec 

In response to these concerns, Andrew Willsher, Director of Finance and Operations Pyramid8, first tried shifting from tape to an electronic-disk-based solution. However, this did not fully address the firm’s concerns.  

Willsher next contacted our team at Clovertec to take over the full management of Pyramid8’s data storage and recovery needs with a backup and recovery solution. Based on our expertise, we recommended our Managed Cloud-based backup solution.  

Willsher was so impressed with Clovertec and their Managed Cloud Backup that he chose to partner with the service provider right away, needing no further investigation of competitive options.  

By offering dramatically faster and more reliable backups and recoveries, the new solution from Clovertec promised to offer significant advantages for data protection. 

“Clovertec is a local IT services provider that we completely trust. Not only do we like the fact that they are in our local area, but we also appreciate that they are responsive. When we phone them, they know us and offer very personalised service. What’s more, the Clovertec-managed data protection solution offers a managed service capability, which means that we no longer have to worry about how to backup and restore our data since that’s all handled by the Clovertec team.”

– Andrew Willsher, Director of Finance and Operations Pyramid8 

The Solution 

Clovertec’s cloud backup service is deployed across Pyramid8’s organization, covering one server that supports two SQL databases – one for client data and one for applicant data – stored as flat files in programs such as Microsoft Word. 

Pyramid8 highlighted the following capabilities as key factors for selecting the solution: 

  • Cloud-based offsite backup for disaster recovery. 
  • Device agnostic support for a wide range of computing devices including laptops. 
  • Simple, centralized backup that eliminates the need for multiple-point solutions. 
  • Highly scalable design that expands as the company’s needs require. 
  • Ability to reduce the cost of backup  
  • NIST FIPS 140-2 certified security with AES-256 encryption in-flight and at-rest. 


Disaster strikes for Pyramid8… 

Three years after implementing the Clovertec data protection solution, Pyramid8 experienced an unthinkable disaster that endangered all of their data.  

In March 2014, Pyramid8’s office building collapsed during a neighbouring tenants’ renovations. The firm’s servers became inaccessible, buried under piles of rubble.  

Willsher immediately called Clovertec to begin data recovery on the Saturday that the disaster occurred. By the time Willsher reached the office, Clovertec’s Managing Directors were already on site. 


The result 

By the following Monday morning at 9:00 AM – just 48 hours after the collapse – Clovertec had not only made all of the firm’s data available again, but the IT provider had also set up Pyramid8’s staff to use workspace in the Clovertec office.  

Due to the quick response of the Clovertec team and their solution, zero downtime was experienced and Pyramid8’s team was able to get fully up and running very quickly.  

Without the Clovertec solution, the firm would have had to wait four weeks until the server was recovered from the collapsed building, which would have significantly impacted the firm’s business – including an estimated £50,000 in lost revenue. 

“Pyramid8’s business is based on data – without their data, they have no business, which would result in loss of revenue and income for their staff. By partnering with Clovertec for data protection services, Pyramid8 can rely on a solution that they know works, boosting their level of confidence in their data security tremendously.” 

– Charlie Buckley, Managing Director, Clovertec 


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