How an IT Managed Service Provider Can Help Fill Gaps in Your Team

Mind the gap!

There’s always a gap (and I’m not talking about the Underground station at Bank… [insert your favourite here])!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a sole trader, mid-sized company or large enterprise – at some point you’ll find yourself lacking skills, capabilities or capacity, and will be in need of assistance – such as those you might find through managed IT support services.

Technology is forever continuing to evolve, and just when you thought innovation was dead, up pops something new, such as Virtual and Augmented reality.

How many people could’ve imagined that technology like this would enter normal working life? And yet businesses are starting to use Microsoft Hololens for all sorts of real-life business applications.

When remote expertise is needed by installation and maintenance personnel in Construction and Manufacturing you can have a virtual view and real-time engagement from the person with the knowledge immediately.

In the fast-changing world of cloud computing, there are thousands available today, and even more are being developed every month.

How does any business leader hope to navigate their way through the maze of technology and keep focussed on running a business?

Challenges and Opportunities

For businesses, this creates challenges as well as opportunities.

How does a business leader ensure that what they currently have is fit for purpose and that it’s supported in a way that ensures maximum availability and performance? How do they provide support for their whole IT environment, and how can they ensure their business is taking advantage of new technology that will create more value?

Any technology should boost productivity, cut costs, increase agility and improve the experience for their customers.

Let’s look at a typical small to medium business and how they use IT. Chances are they’ll have on-premise servers for applications and file services. They’ll also have a variety of desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile devices, and they may have a phone system.

Some small businesses have already made the transition to cloud services, but at the moment, they would be less the half of the SMBs in the UK. We also have to consider how they are keeping their data and users secure and safe from attack.

Added to that there are the applications and databases they use, so quite a lot of technologies to cover.

For SMBs, who recruit one or two IT people, this range of technologies can prove to be problematic. Someone with a broad skill set typically struggles to deal with issues that require deeper expertise and may find themselves in need of more managed IT support services.

IT people with a strength on a specific technology are unable to apply themselves effectively to areas outside of their skill set. For example, a desktop/Windows technician wouldn’t be able to fully address complex server infrastructure issues or Virtual Machine support in the Cloud.

Larger organisations may opt to recruit an internal team to cover all of these technologies, but that still leaves potential risk created by absences, holidays, training and staff churn.

Outsourcing is the Answer!

The economic benefits of outsourcing are well understood. At a fundamental level, it’s cheaper to outsource managed IT support services than it is to hire sufficient numbers of staff to do the same work. But, for the context of this blog, businesses need never fear of being without the right skills and resources when they need it the most.

A good outsourcer, like Clovertec, has the critical mass of full-time employees and skills to cover the vast majority of a typical customer’s IT environment.

We also have sufficient staffing levels that can maintain or exceed the Service Level Agreements agreed in the contract. You would expect this level of response when issues arise.

However, the additional value comes from our proactive approach to providing a whole customer experience. A virtual IT manager teamed with experienced consultants take a long-term, strategic view of customers’ environments.

Business owners and their leadership teams tend not to be very technically minded and therefore wouldn’t necessarily know the questions to ask to plan for the future.

Having valuable advisory services on tap provide continual information and recommendations that align the right technology to a customer’s business strategy.

So, if you think your business is at risk by having too many gaps, then speak to Clovertec and we’ll book you in for an initial free consultation session.

The Clovertec Team

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