December 2017: Protecting user devices (Endpoints)

The Guardian reports that the value of fraud committed in the UK last year topped £1bn for the first time since 2011, prompting a warning about increasing cyber-crime and the risk of more large-scale scams as the economy comes under pressure.

It is therefore essential as part of your IT strategy to protect against this. Unfortunately, there is no one piece of software or hardware that maintain robust security in IT, much like in your home security you would employ measure like; locks, curtains, security lights and alarms etc.

The same principles can be used in IT, the more security measures you have in place the less likely you are to being vulnerable to attack or infection. Considerations for protecting user endpoint devices should be; Windows Patch Management, Anti-Virus Software, Malware Software, Zero-Day protection, and Email Spam Filtering.

Even when employing all these security measures, we still believe a smart business should always expect failure or attack and therefore the backup of data is also just as crucial. If good and regular backups are practiced then even if a security breach did happen you will be far more prepared to act swiftly and efficiently to recover from such a disruption.

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