5 reasons your IT support should be proactive, not reactive

A stitch in time saves nine, as the old saying goes.

Or if you prefer, prevention rather than cure.

Why would anyone not want to avoid a crisis? Why wait until something serious happens and then rush around applying metaphorical sticking plasters?

Reacting to and fixing problems caused by lack of preventative maintenance or planning can cost a business thousands of pounds. However, we still see this in all areas of life and work… and we see it a lot in IT!

The team at Clovertec have therefore collated their experience from supplying IT consultancy in Leeds and put together the following list of reasons that businesses should take a proactive approach to their own IT:

5 reasons your IT support should adopt a proactive approach:

1. Protection from vulnerabilities

Security is a hot topic at the moment, and doing nothing is the quickest way to becoming an “attacked business” statistic. Reacting to security breach takes time and money – in the case of ransomware attacks, many thousands of pounds can be the price of getting your data back.

Being proactive by implementing a comprehensive set of solutions across your network, infrastructure and desktops – together with the right monitoring tools – will put you in a much safer position and reduce the risk of attack.

2. Boosting productivity

Small issues happening time and time again across an organisation can soon add up. We hear about it a lot when offering IT consultancy in Leeds – it’s a productivity killer!

If a persistent end user issue takes just 15 minutes to fix but occurs each month and the organisation has 70 employees with similar problems, then that is over 200 hours of lost productivity per year.

Not to mention the productivity your IT team will lose in order to fix these issues. Proactive software updates and Remote Monitoring Management systems can help to avoid these productivity-killing situations.

3. Early warning Systems

With monitoring systems in place under proactive support you can put thresholds in place for a whole plethora of things to alert at any given point

This will allow potential issues that can stop productivity to be caught and fixed before they even become a problem (a bit like what Tom Cruise does in the film Minority Report).

4. A healthy partnership with your outsourced IT provider

A governance structure of monthly/quarterly/annual reviews with senior people from each business will allow for joint planning. A close alignment of customers’ business strategy with the right technology at the right time will yield the best outcomes.

After all, who wants to be hauled up in front of a business owner and being told that the IT is not fit for purpose?!

5. Happier, more motivated employees

It’s well known that happier employees are more invested in their role and a business in general; unfortunately, obstacles and frustrations negatively impact on this very thing.

There are some intangible benefits to ensuring a smooth IT function with a reactive approach. I myself only recently authorised a spend in relation to IT; not because it matched our IT strategy or because I really thought it was necessary, but because a moderate business case was put forward.

It wasn’t an enormous investment and I nearly rejected it. Until the very last minute, I considered the intangible benefit and the moral boost this individual would get in making a suggestion and subsequently being recognised by the business.

How Clovertec can proactively support you

Our proactive approach is about helping businesses, the adoption of new technologies and constantly working to drive efficiencies, which contribute to their profitable growth.

If you’d like to have a chat about how our IT consultancy in Leeds can enable you to become more proactive in your own business endeavours, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

The Clovertec Team

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