Tips for protecting your devices


While it sounds obvious, if anyone steals your device they will have to defeat your password to get at your data and accounts, which will significantly slow attackers. Although it is not impossible to defeat password protection on a digital device, it adds a useful layer of protection, buying you time to locate and recover the device.



Recommendations for a secure password:

Includes numbers, symbols, capital letters, and lower-case letters: Use a mix of different types of characters to make the password harder to crack.

Isn’t a dictionary word or combination of dictionary words: Using dictionary words makes your password easy to guess or hack.

Don’t include personal information: Avoid using names, date of birth or anything personal to you that someone else may know.

Doesn’t rely on obvious substitutions: Don’t use common substitutions, — for example, “H0use” isn’t strong just because you’ve replaced an o with a 0.


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