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Office 365 backup
Office 365 backup

In today’s mobile world, SaaS productivity apps like Microsoft Office 365 make good business sense thanks to benefits such as improved collaboration and easy access to documents anytime, anywhere. Millions of businesses all around the world use Office 365, with many relying on the platform for their email, document storage, business-critical apps and more. 


Office 365 has become the engine at the heart of many businesses and one in four businesses assume that their Office365 data is always there, that it can be easily retrieved any time and that backup is no longer necessary. But this simply isn’t true. In fact, according to IDC Analysts, “relying on Microsoft’s native backup capabilities in Office 365 is a risky strategy” – and we have to say, we completely agree! If you’re confused about the Office 365 backup options available, read on to find out more about our webinar. 


Keeping your data safe

Whether your company is already in the process of migrating to Office 365, or is running a hybrid solution, it’s your responsibility to keep your data in the cloud secure. Microsoft doesn’t bear this responsibility as part of their service agreement – so the onus is on you! Essentially, whilst Microsoft ensures that it won’t lose data, it doesn’t make any guarantees about recovering and restoring it for you. 


Yes, Office 365 is a secure platform – but Office 365 alone won’t back up your data in a way that most organisations require. There’s usually only a 30-day retention period built into Office 365, whilst SharePoint is only backed up every 12 hours with a 14-day retention period. 


What’s more, whilst Microsoft promises protection against loss of service due to natural disaster or hardware failure, and provides short-term protection against user errors such as soft delete, the rest of it is down to you. In fact, Microsoft themselves recommend third-party backup in their Services Agreement!


Why you need to backup your data

It is your responsibility to protect your company from data loss and to ensure your business remains compliant – and the best way to do this is by using third-party Office 365 backup. So, if you want to protect your company from ransomware, data corruption, malicious file deletion and hackers (to name but a few!) it’s important to have a backup solution in place so you can quickly restore your data. 


Join our FREE webinar to discover the benefits of backing up Office 365 such as:


  • Protect your company from the accidental deletion of data
  • Be confident that your business is protected even if Microsoft change their policies
  • Protect your business against malware and viruses
  • Protect your business against internal threats
  • Be sure that your business is compliant 
  • And more!


Discover how to protect your data with Clovertec’s live webinar 

But not all backup tools are created equally – so how do you choose the right backup solution for you? If you’re not sure about the best way to backup your data and are confused by all the different options available, help is at hand. In fact, at Clovertec, we are hosting a live webinar on Wednesday June 3rd at 10am focusing on this subject. 


From the importance of backing up your Office 365 data and the different options to backup in your own data center through to how Clovertec can help, we’ll answer your most burning questions about Office 365 backup. There’s nothing our expert team doesn’t know about backup and recovery, so if you want to protect your business against data loss and have peace of mind that your business is safe and productive, simply click here to register your interest!

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